How to find a food truck for sale

Food Trucks For Sale

Here is a list of Food Trucks for Sale on eBay.

Dodge Sprinter Van Food truck Catering Concession trailer
Dodge Sprinter Van Food truck Catering Concession trailer
Time Remaining: 23d 5h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $49,900.00
Food truck Wood Fried pizza concession trailer
Food truck Wood Fried pizza concession trailer
Time Remaining: 15d 16h
Buy It Now for only: $47,500.00
2014 Food Truck Trailer All purpose professional mobile kitchen
2014 Food Truck Trailer All purpose professional mobile kitchen
Time Remaining: 21d 16h 32m
Buy It Now for only: $34,500.00
Catering Concession Trailer food truck custom built
Catering Concession Trailer food truck custom built
Time Remaining: 26d 11h 3m
Buy It Now for only: $47,000.00
1991 Chevy Grumman Food Truck for Sale in Denver
1991 Chevy Grumman Food Truck for Sale in Denver
Time Remaining: 16d 11h 42m
Buy It Now for only: $65,000.00
NEW Food Truck For Sale Ready To Work
NEW Food Truck For Sale Ready To Work
Time Remaining: 16d 17h 38m
Buy It Now for only: $38,000.00
Food Truck with a built in kitchen
Food Truck with a built in kitchen
Time Remaining: 29d 11h 36m
Buy It Now for only: $35,000.00
FOOD TRUCK Mobile Kitchen Catering Concession Vending Fairs Festivals
FOOD TRUCK Mobile Kitchen Catering Concession Vending Fairs Festivals
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 41m
Food truck
Food truck
$7,250.00 (5 Bids)
Time Remaining: 12h 3m
food truck
food truck
Time Remaining: 17d 15h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $33,000.00

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Looking for a Food Truck for Sale

When thinking of starting a mobile food truck business or a food catering business, one major task you will have to complete along the way is to find the perfect food truck for sale. In finding the right food truck for sale for your business, you should ideally factor in the following considerations to make your hunt easier.

This video is a must watch for anyone thinking of opening a Food Truck.

Here are some decent tips about finding fast food trucks for sale, some trucks may need some work or refurbishment, you have many options open to you, here are some choices about different food trucks.
Food Trucks For Sale

To Buy or to Rent a Food Truck

The cost of a brand new food truck starts at an average of $100,000 and will be mostly dependent on the kitchen size and the cooking equipment. Some trucks may be purchased at a lesser or higher price, such as when using an old truck, but with a newly installed kitchen.

On the other hand, renting a food truck will set you back around $2,000 monthly, but will also be based on the truck’s condition. Some mobile food truck business owners opt to rent food trucks simply because it is cheaper when starting out and poses less risk on the overall budget.
Conversely, what if you cannot find a truck that can accommodate your business’ unique needs? This is where you should look into buying a customized food truck for sale or a used one. However, looking for a used customized food truck that will fit all your requirements is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Further, when you buy a used food truck for sale in some states, you will need to get the truck up to date with the latest health code regulations as the new owner even if it already has a health permit. This can be tricky because the health code is frequently modified, meaning that a one-year old truck you purchase today may actually require extensive restoration in order to fully comply with the current health code regulations.

In this context, if your only option is to build a food truck from scratch, you must take into consideration that it may take a significant amount of time, but will be well worth it once it is finished since you will be getting a truck that is really customized for your business alone.

First off, start by looking at the portfolio of reputable companies who create custom food trucks, get and compare quotes, and then get time schedule estimates. Likewise, you should definitely consider acquiring the help of a local builder knowledgeable on the ins and outs of health code regulations and the health code inspectors as this will considerably aid in making the inspection process faster.

Food Truck for Sale – Sizing
In general, food trucks range from minivan sizes, to as big as 25 to 30 feet. The size of the truck you are looking for however will be greatly influenced on what you will put inside the truck such as cooking equipment, storage, and food preparation areas to name a few.

Majority of trucks allot most of the floor space for the kitchen. Generally speaking, kitchens range from 10 to 20 feet long depending of course on the style and design of the kitchen. On the other hand, the truck’s width is equally important since you and a number of people should fit and work comfortably inside the truck. Typically, the width of food trucks is around seven to eight feet, while the kitchen walkway is around four to five feet.

Likewise, the height of the food truck for sale must also be planned accordingly. This holds especially true if you are planning to create a mobile food truck business where you move your truck to and from different locations. In this context, you should scout all possible locations beforehand and note all the clearance levels to make sure that your truck will definitely fit into your target business locations.
Overall, when it comes to the size of your truck, you should take into consideration how your workers can comfortably function inside the truck, how the truck is handled, what goes inside the truck, and how the truck will fit in different locations.

Food Truck for Sale – Appearance Matters a Lot
Another huge factor when looking to buy a used or custom food truck for sale is the appearance. In all types of businesses, appearance is important since first impressions last. Yes, you have spent a great deal of your budget on the truck itself, permits, and the cooking equipment, but you cannot afford to scrimp on your truck’s appearance.

In most cases, people who pass by your truck will look at it and size up what you are offering based on how your truck looks. And unfortunately, most people will actually decide to eat or pass up on your food based on what they see since majority are visual people.

To properly deck out your truck and attract potential customers, you can choose to either have it painted or wrapped. Painting will set you back a thousand to $3,000, while wrapping can cost you $3,000 up. Either way, try mix and matching different colors that preferably ‘pop’ when people see them. Better yet, if your food business has a general theme, like Italian for instance, you can paint your truck in the country’s colors and go from there.

Moreover, rather than wrapping just the sides of your truck, you can also consider having the roof wrapped as well. Think about it, if your target locations include business parks, or downtown where your truck will be surrounded by high-rise buildings, what better way to tell everyone that your business is there than by advertising your business on your roof?

Likewise, all trucks, be it a food truck or delivery truck, look exactly the same from high up so you have to differentiate your truck from all the other trucks parked in your vicinity. You can also opt to put your business’ contact number on the roof if you wish.

Keeping all these considerations in mind when looking for a food truck for sale, you will no doubt be ready start your food truck business the right and hassle-free way.

Food Truck For Sale

How to find the right food truck? This is the question of many people that how can they get a good food truck and from where. This article tries to focus on this query in an earnest way and also tries to help you with the right facts. It may happen that you have decided to start up a new business. This business is all about running an eatery on wheels. This is why you may be in dire need of a food truck and you can get the best one with little patience and time.

One place where you can get them

Now what would be that one place where you can get a good food truck is your question? Well for this you can start asking your local contacts for the same. This is a proper way of looking for anything to buy, let alone a truck. That is correct you can try to spread a word of mouth that you are looking for a food truck and you will be surprised to see the results. You will see people are contacting you on their own provided you have spread the word among the appropriate crowd.


Simply try to read through the local newspapers and magazines as they are a good way to get some useful leads. You can start calling or mailing the contacts as per the information and collect all that is required. You may also pay a visit to the vehicles as this will help you take that final call while selecting a food truck.


This is one of the most trusted places to look for food truck for sale these days. The reason for this is that the internet is updated on a regular basis which means that you will get the latest details about food truck sales. There is no need to discuss this that you can get all the relevant information while researching in the net about food trucks in general. More or less it is the most trusted means of collecting information about food trucks for sure.

In conclusion it has to be mentioned that getting a food truck for yourself is not that difficult nowadays. It is only about giving some time to it and looking in the authentic places for the same. The only thing that you need is to wait for the right food truck for sale!

What Size Food Truck do you need?

It is a good idea to think about the way how a food truck for sale may work with a big size. A food truck for sale might be something that is much larger than a typical van. This is due to the need for the food truck to work with more materials for food preparation and storage.

A typical food truck will be at least twenty-five feet long. Some have been known to be at least thirty feet long. Either way, a food truck for sale should be long enough to handle not only the people who are driving the truck but also the kitchen.

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Designing the Exterior of a Food Truck

Cool Food Truck Designs

It will be smart to think about the way how a food truck for sale is prepared. This can include the way how the outside of the food truck can be arranged.

The first thing to do is to see how the outside is prepared with some storage spots on the back of the truck for generators and other power-producing items. The big point about getting a food truck ready is to make sure that it has enough electricity to work with. This can be handled by using a dock for the generator or even a dock to store a gas container or other power-producing device in. Read the rest of this entry »

What Parts Should a Food Truck for Sale Have?

There are several parts to find in any food truck for sale. These parts are critical to the food preparation process.

A series of sinks must be provided in a food truck for sale. This includes sinks for not only cleaning off and watering foods but also separate sinks for washing hands. Proper sinks must be used for different functions to ensure that germs can be covered carefully and will not get in the way of any foods in the preparation process. Read the rest of this entry »

Should You Buy or Rent a Food Truck for Sale?

Anyone can find a big food truck for sale for all kinds of food sales. However, the cost of a truck can be very high for some people. This is why some companies that offer food trucks may allow people to rent out trucks. The costs for buying or renting a truck can vary and should be seen carefully when finding a good option for sale.

First, it helps to think about the budget one has. A food truck for sale might cost at least $100,000 in most places. This is often recommended for those who are serious about working with food truck plans and with trying to get a successful business going. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get a Food Truck

Trucks all around have many different uses, the use that a truck has majorly depends on its design and luggage capacity. Many trucks are custom made for various purposes and then assembled for sale for that specific purpose. There are individuals who may buy a truck for a specific use but after sometime, they may wish to sell the truck as they might have changed their mind on what they had in mind to use the truck for. Alternatively, they may have completed the project that they had the truck for and thus selling it would get rid of the extra material they have and bring back the investment put on it. It is important to take time to evaluate before selling a food truck in order to estimate the input on the truck before selling it at a throw away price. Read the rest of this entry »

How to put up your favorite food truck for sale?

How to put up your favorite food truck for sale? Many a people have asked this question but they are never candid about this. If you have a query then it is better that you ask an expert or someone who can resolve it. This means it is not necessary that the person has to be a subject matter expert but has to be someone who can answer your question. We have tried to include all the possible ways to provide a substantial answer to this query which is as follows. Read the rest of this entry »

How to gear up a food truck for sale

Yes how to gear up a food truck for sale is the question of many. Why would you think of doing so in the very first place is another million dollar question? Now it may happen that you wanted to start a new business and it did not do well or you may have found a better job and want to give up on this business. It has been observed that many a time people want to get rid of the investment that they have made so far. In a rush to recover the money that they have invested, they often tend to sell of things hastily. However this does not justify your actions once you settle down to calculate how much have you been able to recuperate? Read the rest of this entry »